Always read the fine print.

When you are agreeing to anything you should have a full understanding of the terms.

This is true in relationships, business transactions and especially membership responsibilities.

I learned this the hard way when I purchased my home that is located in an HOA neighborhood. I was so excited at the premise of owning my own place that I failed to read the fine print on all of the regulations about living where I would be. Shortly after moving in I received a letter from the Board saying that I was out of compliance with the noise ordinance. What noise ordinance, was my first question. I didn’t remember them saying anything about that and I felt I was a pretty respectful person. I didn’t throw loud parties or have my music blaring until the wee hours of the morning. I placed a call and found that my exterior HVAC unit was too noisy for the people next door. They said that I had thirty days to have it serviced or replaced or I would face a fine each day it wasn’t. I admit that the fan is louder than most but it was already there when I bought the house. Perhaps this is why I got such a good deal on the house. The previous owners did not want to go the expense of the repair. I bought the house during the cooler months so the air conditioner was not running then. I called the repairman and he came to check it out. It turned out to be a pretty simple fix and with a few replacement parts the unit was humming along quietly. After that ordeal I am starting to read through my agreement more carefully and realizing that my home purchase may have been a mistake.
a/c worker