More members at the karate dojo thanks to improved air quality

I felt like I was making all kinds of great accomplishments from a young age.

I made all kinds of good friends in my area.

I lived in a pretty good neighborhood and I got into some great activities like karate. I felt like I learned a great deal of discipline through martial arts. Something I really enjoyed when we were practicing was the fact that we had such a nice climate control system. I felt like with the ice cold A/C we had in the building, it made it so much easier for us to practice all kinds of moves. It wasn’t really about hard core fighting or anything, it was about defending ourselves and others. I couldn’t believe the day when I noticed the air quality improved in our building and that was because our Master decided to install a new air purification system. This news spread and before we knew it, we had a lot of new members in our karate dojo. The Master was pleased with all the new members and there was a lot of work to be done. I even invited people to join throughout my neighborhood and I was able to get a few friends to come along with me. Everybody really appreciated the excellent air quality as it was better than their own homes. It was far superior to the air quality in my home. It really was a powerful air purification system. I thought it would be nice to have something like that in our home, but I figure we couldn’t afford anything so fancy. My parents did end up getting a few air purifiers though and that did improve the air quality a great deal.

HVAC technician