Delivering 50 pizza pies to thriving A/C company

My afternoon was feeling much like any other.

  • The two of us did everything exactly the same like brushing our teeth and then also showering.

The two of us had an afternoon filled with pizza pie deliveries. It’s hard to deliver so many pies that you can’t touch without getting into severe trouble. The two of us were playing some game on our Android when a few tenths orders came up. The location was actually far off, and I really hate of those orders. It was a 50 Pizza Pie order, so I assumed that the sizable company would be able to provide me with a large tip. I saw that it was an AC and heating company, and I drove the hot pies right directly to someone’s office. I knew a single person would not eat every single one of the pizza pies, but I can help looking at this large guy that answered the AC and heating company door. He asked me to place all of the pizzas and the break room, which was just down the hall. Inside they were celebrating the retirement for one big guy. All 50 of the pizza pies look like they would probably feed most of the staff. The heating and AC company was obviously a big place, because the boss decided to pay for all of those pizzas just to celebrate the retirement of one of their technicians. I wondered if they could give me a free ac tune up on my car, but I didn’t dare ask.


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