Helping some older friends

When my Grandma and Grandpa died, the two of us were very sad.

The two of us love them a great deal and they were the most friendly people that ever tested us.

The two of us miss them for years and years until a pair of old early neighbor’s lived next door. The two of us help them with Lauren work and some outdoor chores and the two of us have known them since we were eleven. Our parents eventually moved out of town and the two of us move to our own apartment. We never forgot all of the numerous special faces that we saw throughout our everyday. One afternoon when the two of us were doing respected grocery shopping, the two of us sought more than a few Show faces. It was the people that we thought of as grandparents and both of us were completely filled with joy to see their faces. They decided to take us back to that house and have some pie and coffee too. They were still the same wonderful people that they always were. The two of us had a great time, and then the temperature started to get colder. The two of us asked if they were going to turn on the furnace for the evening. They told us the furnace hasn’t been working in 10 years, and they have been using a single space heater in their bedroom. As heating, ventilation, and AC technicians by trade, the two of us could not leave their place until we checked every problem with the furnace. It didn’t take long to help fix the heating issue.

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