I bought a dehumidifier for my basement, and it does not seem to be doing anything

My husband and I have been having a couple major issues with our house recently.

One of the issues has been flooding in our basement. My husband and his friend dug some sort of ditch last year that they thought would help deter the water from coming into the basement, but it obviously did not work. I feel so bad because they spent a lot of time digging that ditch. My husband has been looking for some ways to stop the water once again, but he has had no luck so far. The basement does not flood nearly as bad as it did last year, but the floor down there still stays pretty wet. I decided to buy a dehumidifier to go down there to see if it would help collect some of that water. I did not know what dehumidifier to buy, so I looked at several different stores and online. After looking at the reviews of many dehumidifiers, I finally picked one. It was not the most expensive, but it was close to it. I wanted one that would work well. I have been using the dehumidifier for almost two weeks now, and I feel like it is doing absolutely nothing. I know that it is doing something because I empty water out of it everyday, but it just does not do much compared to how much water comes into the basement. I have thought about getting a second dehumidifier, but my husband said that it probably will not make enough of a difference. He does not think that it will be worth the cost of another dehumidifier. However, a friend offered me a free dehumidifier, so I am going to go over to her house and pick it up tonight.


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