Have I turned out just like my father?

I never thought I would be anything like my father, he was always so mean and strict about things.

If I would ever try to change the thermostat he would freak out and tell me never to mess with the temperature control settings again… That made me upset because sporadically I would feel overheated at home and I wasn’t even allowed to adjust the temperature control settings to feel comfortable. I was even afraid to open the fridge because I would be yelled at for that too! Apparently, I was wasting energy by opening the fridge so that I could find something to ea. Well, now that I am older, things have changed for me drastically. I have kids of my own now and I find myself yelling at them for the same things that my father used to yell at me about. The crazy thing is, my father loves his grandchildren and he spoils them to death. He never was that way with me when I was a youngster… Now he tells me that I am finally able to see what it’s like raising children. Back when I was young, I didn’t know how extravagant it was when the temperature control settings weren’t just right. I didn’t know how much energy you would waste by having the fridge door open like that, but especially when the front door is open, I didn’t know about how all the cold air goes right out the door and it’s like you can see the dollars flying away. I guess my father is a lot happier these days because I understand all these things now and I absolutely want to save energy. I guess I need some energy saving tips.



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