My crazy cat

I have the coolest cat named AC! You might guess that AC is short for some special name, but it’s absolutely a lot simpler than that… The reason why I decided to call him AC was because he went straight to the Heating and Air Conditioning vent when I first brought him home.

It was a blazing hot day and the air conditioner in the house felt great. He happened to love the air conditioner and when he would lay right next to the Heating and Air Conditioning vent like that, I thought the name AC was appropriate, and a lot of people get a laugh when I tell them the name of my cat and the story behind the name. They usually say the name is cute and tell my cat how much they like air conditioner as well, my cat is really drawn to the air conditioner and I don’t think that will ever change. I even decided to put his cat bed right in his spot so he can be even more comfortable. He really likes that and he is often just sprawled out there on his bed when the air conditioning is flowing. Occasionally he will get upset when the air conditioning cuts off. At times I will adjust the temperature control settings to make him happy again, but occasionally he doesn’t mind if the air temperature in the house is cool enough. I guess you could say he’s just like most humans too because in the winter, he absolutely enjoys the heat. He will rest in his same spot while the heat warms him up when it’s too cold around the household. One day I will get radiant heated floors and see how he likes that.

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