I couldn’t return the mini split

When I got my home, I already knew that what I wanted for heating and air conditioning, was a mini split.

I had a rather small home, but it was just me and I had deliberately bought an older home that I was going to be able to remodel any way I wanted.

I went to our local home improvement center and I started looking through their brochures to see what kind of mini split HVAC systems they offered. We were finally able to pick out the perfect mini split HVAC system that would heat and cool my entire home. I called a friend of mine and told him that I needed him to come to my home and help me to install the mini split HVAC. Being an HVAC technician, he was quite picky as to where we should place the mini split. He had a special tool that would tell him everywhere there was a stud in the wall. He wasn’t able to find a single place that we could install the mini split without cutting out some studs and possibly cutting through the electric wiring. He said he was comfortable with the installation because the wiring went right through the studs and whoever had done the wiring, had it all over. He was really upset that I had made a purchase of an HVAC system without first consulting him. When we took the mini split back to the home center, we found out it was not returnable. The mini split was on sale and it was said to be non-returnable.

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