My parents’ household is way too warm

I can’t easily believe how overheated the temperature is at my parents’ household! When I was a kid, my parents would never have turned up the heating device to that level.

In order for you to understand why this shocks me so much, you have to understand how my parents used to be when I was a kid.

I grew up in a rather poor family. When you are poor, one of the main causes of a high electric bill is your Heating and Air Conditioning device. That is why my parents never owned an air conditioner device in our household… Sure, the house was overheated in the summer, but air conditioners cost a great deal of money to use, and my parents didn’t have a ton of money to waste on running an air conditioner device when there was no threat that we would die without that Heating and Air Conditioning device. However, my parents were aware that they couldn’t just turn off the heating device inside the winter months. Your family and your household could be disfigured without a heating device, and they knew that the heating device had to keep running. However, our heating device was constantly running just enough to keep the household above freezing and maybe a little more. All of us could only be comfortable in our household with pants and a heavy sweatshirt on even while the oil furnace was working. However, since I have grown up, my parents have increased their income, and now, they keep the oil furnace on a ridiculously high level! When I go to my parents’ household, I feel as though I am going to sweat. I know that they are gleeful about their newfound freedom, but their heating device is taking a toll on most people.
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