My parents aren’t using a gas furnace in their household

They also have a little space oil furnace in the lavatory plus bedroom

I can’t believe the financial struggle that my parents have found themselves in… Now, when I was a youngster, my parents definitely struggled to provide for my family. All of us have lived in some pretty rough households, but never as rough as the household that my parents are residing in now… I just found out that my parents don’t even have a gas furnace in their place. When they showed up at their household, there was no electricity, no gas furnace, no running water, etc. The only thing that has changed is that they have electricity in a majority of the rooms now. But I just don’t understand how they live without a gas furnace. I may be poor, but even I have a working gas furnace in my household that I keep in excellent condition. In fact, I make less money than my parents do, plus they still aren’t able to afford a gas furnace for their place. When I went to their household recently, I learned how they keep sizzling during the winter. They have a massive collection of electric space heaters, propane heaters, plus kerosene heaters! Early in the morning hours, my parents turn on all of their space furnaces at the same time. The propane furnaces heat up the household legitimately quickly, plus once the room feels toasty, they turn the propane furnaces off plus leave the other furnaces on. They also have a little space oil furnace in the lavatory plus bedroom. During the night, they only leave a single kerosene furnace on in their bedroom. They are spending a good amount on space furnaces plus the fuel for those heaters. I assume that they would save a good amount of money if they just purchased a gas furnace.

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