My love of owning many pets

Luckily, the problem was very minor, and just needed a furnace filter change

My fascination with nature and animals started at a pretty young age. I would go and pick pine needles from trees and off the ground, I would also go and study plants. My parents probably thought I was pretty weird, but didn’t try to stop me. My love of nature then transferred over to animals. I then started buying different pets. My first pet was a dog, and then a cat, and then a bird and so forth. I then got into exotic pets, and started buying snakes and lizards. Every living thing just fascinated me! Luckily my parents tolerated this. My obsession with animals only grew as I got older. There are quite a few problems associated with owning pets. Although owning pets can be a blessing, the price can be quite expensive, and all the pets can be quite consuming. Another problem, that most would not think of is actually heating and cooling. Now how would that be a problem you may ask? Well, it’s incredibly important to keep your pets warm and cool. Especially reptiles, who need heat to live. I unfortunately did not think of this, so when my heating system died in my reptile room, I was in trouble. I quickly called a HVAC corporation and requested a HVAC technician to be sent out. Luckily, the problem was very minor, and just needed a furnace filter change. Something I didn’t even know existed. After the HVAC worker had replaced it and left, I made a mental note to change out the filter often, and to schedule for maintenance.

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