My original career of being an athlete

I originally dreamed of a far away dream, the dream of being an athlete.

  • As a child, I would picture myself running a track race, being in the lead and then winning a race.

A golden medal would be placed around my neck, and the crowd would cheer and erupt in applause, as well as my name being shouted by thousands. Yep I was a dreamer. But there were a lot of things to being an athlete that I could not have predicted at that young age. I tried high school track team for awhile, and I grew to hate. What I had originally thought would be the perfect dream, turned out to be the perfect nightmare. My first complaint was the heat. When I was young, running and jumping around caused sweating, but it was at a minimum. Now I sweat profusely every race, and I quickly became tired of sitting in front of my air conditioning system for practical hours just to stay cool. I always had my AC cranked up as far as it would go, because I was always sweating. My other complaint, is that in order to stay fit, I had to eat mostly salads and other not so great meals. I, like most people, like to eat and eating salads all the time quickly became a problem. So, due to these problems and more, I abandoned being an athlete and plopped in front of my TV screen, with barbecue chicken wings and my air conditioning at my side. Now it’s time to decide on a better job, preferably something involving cooling

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