Broken promises and lies led me to a new hobby

I had just went through a horrible and heart wrenching break up.

After being lied to and led on too many times, and so many broken promises, I decided to leave.

To pick up my broken heart, I decided to start a new hobby, anything to get my mind off of my former relationship. I was okay with solitary life, I certainly enjoyed the benefits of being single, but I needed something new to do in my life. I searched online popular hobbies people find interesting, and while I came across many fun ones, one that caught my eye. As a hobby, people like to fix things. This posed an alluring challenge. I love being challenged, and this would teach me a very useful skill, so I decided to try to learn how to fix things. My uncle George, is a master at fixing things, so I figured I would ask him for advice and help. I asked him if there was anything that needed fixing around his house, and luckily, yes, there was. Hours before, his heating system broke. He was actually just getting ready to start doing a furnace repair when I arrived. He pulled me over, and showed how to take the heater apart. He also took the time to point out all of the parts and what they do. It was pretty confusing and I quickly realized it was going to take me some time to learn this. After he repaired the heating unit he offered to bring me to his workshop to watch him repair everyday items. I gratefully accepted, knowing that if I want to learn this skill, it would need a lot of dedication.

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