Flying a kite at the beach

As a child, I had an entire chest full of bright colorful kites.

The little flying triangles never failed to amaze me.

I absolutely loved flying them, even on windless days. I spent a lot of my time racing around the backyard with several kites behind me, and it was even better when I went to the beach and had a lot of wind. All the great memories of getting my kite even higher and higher, and some of the bad memories of getting my kite stuck somewhere it didn’t belong. When I moved to college most of my childish things were stuffed away in storage. After I graduated, I went through my old box and found my old kites again. I decided I would like to get into kite flying again, and had a custom made airplane kit made specifically for me. It looked awesome! I was as giddy as I was when I was younger to fly it. I took a trip to the beach and it had a nice cooling breeze. My kite flew wonderfully and went higher and higher, I could almost mistake it for a real airplane. I couldn’t stay out flying long, as I still had to call and get a quote for a furnace I am interested. Hopefully if I can get a good price, I can have a new furnace installation and have a new better fitting heating system for my home. I put my fancy kite into a space spot, and decided to schedule another kite flying time for next Saturday, a nice and windy day.

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