My gas furnace keeps me up

As I lie awake at one in the day I have to ask myself if it’s all worth it! No, I am not talking about life itself I am talking about the recent purchase that I made.

My family decided it was high time that the two of us updated the outdated furnace that was in the basement because it was nearly twenty many years old, but it was always seeming to cut down when the two of us needed it the most and it wasn’t particularly energy-efficient either.

It made sense to make the investment in the modern equipment that would provide us quality heat and save us cash on our energy bills as well. Now I find that the problem is that a furnace is too effective. I believe I was used to sleeping with a cold draft running through the apartment and now that the two of us are cozy and sizzling all the time I cannot sleep because it is too hot. I end up opening our window to let the evening air in just so that I can think comfortable; This practice has caused some tension between our spouse and I because she feels like I am wasting the cash that the two of us had been trying to save by purchasing a newer more efficient system. My answer to him is that the two of us still are experiencing lower energy bills however our sleep is particularly important to me and I simply cannot sleep when it is too warm. I also said that the two of us could have invested in a separate zone where I could keep our area cooler although she doesn’t like that method either; So for now she will have to just deal with me opening the window at evening.

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