Why can’t I get any cool air from our A/C unit

Yesterday was the first afternoon when it was moderate enough to turn on our air conditioning unit.

I was certainly enthusiastic to be able to turn the A/C unit on plus I couldn’t wait to recognize the cool air coming from the air vents.

I turned the control unit over to the A/C plus I set the temperature to seventy. I waited for over fifteen minutes plus but I could hear the A/C unit running, there wasn’t any cool air. I looked into the air vent to see if there was something inside blocking the cool air, but nothing was happening. I went outside plus I could hear the air conditioning unit trying to run, but it wasn’t reaching into the house. I called the HVAC company plus I told them what was happening. The person who took our information said it sounded appreciate there was a blockage anywhere plus said she could someone to the house within a couple of minutes. I waited for nearly many minutes before the HVAC supplier arrived plus after that every one of us began to pace. I knew there had to be something desperately wrong if our air conditioning unit isn’ttoiling correctly. I had called the HVAC company earlier in the Spring plus they told myself and others that everything looked fine. It was barely many weeks later plus I didn’t have any air conditioning. When the HVAC supplier arrived, it took only a couple of minutes before he found the problem. From the time he had done the inspection until now, a mouse had gotten into the A/C unit plus built a nest around the fan in the A/C unit.

a/c worker