Complaints drive me totally and completely insane

I really don’t like to hear a lot of people complain, but lately it seems that every one of the people in my home are just taking turns giving me some type of excuse. Every one of us have considered a lot of things, plus every one of us would never feel very disrespected, considering that our toil + labor is an amazing nice life that is provided for this family. In fact, the cabin is really in excellent condition inside of a fantastic neighborhood. My wife plus also most of my children can access any type of amenity like a pool or the bus system. They clearly seem to think that this is subpart life is awful, because they continue to do the one thing that I asked them not to do. I have over and over repeated not to adjust the programmable thermostat for the heating, ventilation, plus AC component. Every time the system can be changed, I get a small alert so it is ridiculous for any of them to think that I don’t know. A few days ago, it was close to Triple digits Outdoors plus all of the kids wanted me to turn down the air conditioner to 68 degrees. I didn’t want to touch the programmable thermostat which had the temperature already set up for 72. If we always have the temperatures the same and keep them program like this, then I know exactly what to expect from my heating, ventilation, plus AC component bill. The incessant complaints are really starting to drive me crazy.

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