I do still use a reusable air filter

Like most kids, I had chores growing up.

  • One of my many chores was to change the filter in our heating and air conditioning unit every month.

I didn’t mind this chore because it was very easy to do and it took a very little time. I would just open the little door that was in the ductwork, take out the old filter, open the new filter, and put the new filter into the slot before closing the little door back up. It was very quick and easy. Then my parents got the bright idea to get a reusable filter and then this chore turned into a lot more work. Instead of simply replacing the old filter with a new one I now had to spend almost a half hour washing the filter out before replacing it. Needless to say, it took a lot more time and I swore that I would never use a reusable filter myself when I grew up and had a house of my own. But now, I do use reusable air filters in my heating and air conditioning system. With adulthood came other responsibilities and once I realized how much disposable air filters cost I changed my tune. Also, as I got older, I realized that we humans are responsible for passing on the earth to the next generation. This means that I don’t need to be making a lot of trash every month. Especially if the trash can be avoided by simply using a reusable air filter in my heating and air conditioning system. That’s why, even today, I spend a half hour every month cleaning my old filter so that I can use it once again.