It is time to replace the HVAC units in our church

The HVAC units in our church are old and inefficient, and it is finally time to replace the HVAC units for new ones.

Many of the HVAC units that are in the church have been here since the building was built, and they have run reliably for all of these years.

We have seven HVAC units, and we have worked hard with the HVAC technicians to make sure that the HVAC units are running properly. This year, we have had major problems with our HVAC units, and we are concerned that this is only the beginning of the end with the HVAC units. This year, we had four of our seven HVAC units stop working, and we spent nearly $10,000 repairing all of our HVAC units. When we talked to the owner of the HVAC company about our options and how to prevent this, he mentioned that these HVAC units have been here for a long time. He recommended that it would be better to get new HVAC units. It would increase the value of our building, and it would save us money in the long run. Even though it will cost a lot of money to replace the HVAC units, we have been saving money for a long time, and we have enough money to replace all of the HVAC units without any debt. The only trouble is that most of the people in our church don’t want to replace the HVAC units. They would rather save the money in case something bad happens. However, I am afraid that if we don’t, we will drain all of our money repairing the HVAC technicians.


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