We need to figure out how to make our furnace last a few more years

I know that we need to replace our furnace soon, but there is just no way that we are going to be able to replace the furnace in the time frame that the HVAC technician is suggesting. Our furnace is in very bad conditioner, and it has been like this for a few years. In fact, we have been having trouble with our furnace since we moved into this house. However, the furnace wasn’t costing us a lot of money at first, so we never made saving money on the furnace a priority. Well, after a few years of doing this, our furnace began breaking down a lot more often, and we realized that we should have started saving for the furnace. We began saving money, but it seems that the furnace is deteriorating faster than we can save money. This year, the furnace stopped working four times during the winter, and the HVAC technician that came to repair our furnace told us that we should expect this process to continue happening. He recommended that we replace our furnace before the repairs on our furnace start draining all of our savings. However, we don’t even have enough money to put down a reasonable down payment on a new furnace. I just need to figure out some way to make this furnace last a few years without having to repair it so often. Maybe we could find a nice supplemental heating system to help us get through the following few years. However, if we have to replace the furnace sooner, I would rather do that than pay for so many repairs.


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