This job isn’t as simple as it used to be

Back when I first started to work as a certified HVAC repair tech things were much more simple.

  • The only people that had air conditioning units were the rich families in town and they all had the same exact air conditioning units.

These units were always very simple to repair as they all had the same components and tendencies. As the years have passed by and HVAC technology has improved so much the job isn’t nearly as simple as it used to be. While I have made sure to stay with the times and learn how to handle all of the newer models of air conditioning units, not everyone can say the same. Over the last ten years I have had to let go of several very hard working HVAC service techs not because they weren’t hard workers, they simply weren’t able to handle dealing with modern air conditioning units. I guess you could stay that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. I understand where they were coming from however, It’s always a bit frustrating to see the career you have had changed so much over such a short period of time, but as a homeowner I can say that I think it is all for the better. More complicated air conditioning units means that only the cream of the crop will be left in terms of HVAC repair techs which will not only lead to less problems picking the right ones for homeowners, but lead to more customers for fellow HVAC companies. HVAC technology will always advance no matter what, and there is nothing any there service techs can do other than stay up with the times.



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