Another use for hydronic heating

When people think about hydronic heating, they right away assume that hydronic heating is yet another way of heating your home.

With all the advancements in heating and air conditioning technology today, most people right away think of this. But what a lot of people don’t think about is that hydronic heating can also be used to heat an indoor pool! Yes, you heard me right…an indoor swimming pool! My rich friend has an indoor pool, and he was talking about replacing the heat pump in his pool with hydronic heating. When he told me about this it kind of confused me. Because I had thought that a heat pump was in fact a form of hydronic heating. He quickly corrected me on this assumption! There are different kinds of heat pumps for a swimming pool. The same as there are different kinds of heat pumps for home heating as well. But he kept going on about how hydronic heating was going to be the best way to heat his indoor swimming pool. The whole conversation had me utterly confused! But one thing I did learn was that when people start talking about hydronic heating, they are not always talking about heating the home. I really think it’s totally awesome that my friend is rich and is able to have an indoor pool in his huge house that he owns. Me and my family are always invited over there to go swimming in the cold Winter months when the rest of the world is huddling by the fireplace or central heating system to keep warm!

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