Upgrading my RV thermostat

I have an RV that me and my family use in the summer to go on cross country road trips. Me and my wife take off from work for a month and we take the kids in the RV and go somewhere really nice while visiting different places across the United States Of America. The one thing I wanted to do this year was upgrade the thermostat in the RV. Last summer during our cross country trip the thermostat was giving some problems when trying to turn on the central air conditioning system in the RV. It was the fact it was an old dial thermostat. But I had no idea that there was now a way to get a really awesome digital thermostat for an RV! When I found this out I decided that the digital thermostat was going to be what I upgraded to! I was able to get a digital thermostat for the RV at a pretty decent price. Our local hardware store was having a sale on digital thermostats specifically for RV’s right after the holidays this year. I figured this was the absolute best time to go and get the digital thermostat for replacing. I had the digital thermostat installed within less than 15 minutes too! I really know what I am doing when it comes to working on my RV. Even if it’s related to the central heating and air conditioning system inside of it. Thermostats are not too hard to install even in your own home if you know exactly what you are doing.

Smart thermostat