Running an electric fireplace

Having an electric fireplace for a heating source in your home is actually a really wonderful idea if you are looking to lower your energy bills.

Not many people realise that an electric fireplace can do a lot more than just look nice in your home. It can be a great alternate to central heating in the cooler months of the season. Electric fireplaces believe it or not cost only about 3 dollars per day to run! That is way better than what you central heating and air conditioning system costs to run on a daily basis! If you were to really do a great comparing of both an electric fireplace and a central heating and air conditioning system in terms of energy use, you would be highly surprised at the huge difference in cost to run the things! It may actually make you want to totally get rid of your central heating and air conditioning system once you seen the price comparing in energy use! While the electric fireplace only costs about 3 dollars a day to run on a really freezing col winter day, the central heating and air conditioning system with the heating cranked to a high thermostat setting will cost you almost triple that! If you do the math and add that up on a yearly basis, by running an electric fireplace you can save yourself nearly one hundred dollars or more per year in heating bills! Isn’t that a really great and amazing energy saving tip I just gave to you here? I hope so!


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