Neglecting the ductwork is a mistake

In the average household, 50% of the monthly energy bill is the result of heating and cooling.

Thirty percent of heated and cooled air is typically lost to leaks in the duct system. The majority of homeowners neglect to have their ductwork tested, regularly maintained or repaired. They take all sorts of energy saving measures, trying to reduce utility costs, and yet ignore this essential system. When there’s holes or cracks at the seams of the ducts, the maximum amount of conditioned air isn’t reaching the intended rooms of the house. The furnace and air conditioner then need to run longer and work harder to achieve the thermostat setting. They system experiences extra wear and tear, which leads to greater chance of malfunction and shortened service life. Plus, it uses more energy, making a bigger impact on the environment and causing higher monthly costs. The rooms aren’t going to be as comfortable, with certain ones tending to feel overheated while others are chilly. The flaws in the ductwork not only allow heated/cooled air to escape but pull in outdoor air, introducing fumes, moisture and contaminants. Issues with poor indoor air quality and health concerns can often be blamed on the duct system. With the development of new technology, duct sealing is more effective and affordable than ever. The process can normally be completed in a couple of hours without any damage, mess or unpleasant odors. The technician first seals off all of the vents and then pumps pressurized air into the duct system. The air is laced with polymer adhesive particles that stick to the edges of holes as the air leaks out. The particles build up and create an airtight seal.