An HVAC Technician in the family

Since my son was a little boy, he has always been active and good with his hands.

He also likes being outdoors, when it’s not raining. Snow doesn’t bother him at all. My son also likes working with people. He tries to be helpful. We weren’t really surprised when he decided to go to school and become an HVAC technician after his high school graduation. His chosen career has excellent growth potential and allows him to be active and work with his hands, as well as work with people. He’s helpful every day. And my son’s chosen profession as an HVAC technician came in handy when my husband and I were ready to purchase a new HVAC unit. My son took the time to sit down and explain to us our options. I couldn’t believe what is now available. There are ductless units and environmentally friendly units that lasts for up to 50 years. Air conditioning and heating is even portable now. I learned what a smart thermostat is. And I never realized that heated flooring can help heat the house. I thought it was a needless luxury. Our son explained everything to us so that we could make the best decision for us. I wonder if he does that for all his customers. Maybe he should be in sales. In the end, we ended up replacing our HVAC unit with the newest model by the same company. But, we did have heated flooring installed in three rooms in our house. I’m grateful to have an HVAC technician in the family.
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