I accosted my air conditioning unit

I know that it is going to sound very immature to most people.

Maybe some people will understand my frustration and the reason I did what I did.

When you keep having repairs to something and it is never really fixed, you get frustrated Frustration is the reason why I picked up my power saw and started hacking into my air conditioning unit. I had the HVAC company come out at the beginning of the season and they told me that my air conditioning unit was in good shape and I shouldn’t have any problems. Two weeks later, the air conditioner began making a lot of noise and I had to call the HVAC company. I paid for the repairs, even though I wondered about the cost. The HVAC tech told me that everything was fine now. Two weeks later, I had to call them again because of lack of cooling. I couldn’t understand how he could tell me the AC unit was fine and I was having all of these problems. I had to go without air conditioning for two weeks, until they got a technician to my home. The following week, I had to call the HVAC company once again. When he told me that he was sure the air conditioning unit would be fine, but it was still a machine, I was getting angry. I was tired of having the tech come out and paying the bill. I knew I could have bought a new AC unit for what I had shelled out in the last two weeks. This time, they won’t be able to fix the AC unit.
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