I should have checked my furnace

The worst time of the year to find out that your furnace isn’t working is in the winter. It is really bad to wake up in the morning and not having enough any heat. My wife and I were going south for the winter. We had the HvAC technician come out and examine our furnace and install a Smart Thermostat in our house. We felt we shouldn’t have any difficulties with the furnace since the HVAc tech said the furnace was in good working condition. With the Smart Thermostat, we knew we would be able to check on the furnace with our Smartphones and if there is an issue, we could call the HvAC company. When we finally went south, we felt like everything was going to be perfect. For the first two weeks, we checked on the furnace and then it just didn’t seem important any longer. We forgot to check on the furnace for the entire last month. When we finally went home, we walked into a home that had no heat and no water. I didn’t know how long the furnace had been out, but the pipes had frozen and burst. We were going to call the HVAC company and have them come out and work on the furnace, but I thought we should first call the plumber. We should have called both at the same time. We couldn’t stay in the house for almost two weeks until everything was repaired and cleaned. I was glad we had homeowner’s insurance to cover all of the repairs because there was no way we could afford it..
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