Rude Student Ruins My A/C Project

Today, I got into a particularly distressing fight, and I was suspended from school for a few afternoons… It all began with the silliest problem, the cause of the fight in school was a window air conditioner.

It wasn’t the air conditioner for the room I was in, however it was an air conditioner that was going to decide whether or not I passed a class in school.

I was area of a small mechanical class where we were learning how to repair things, and for our class project, I was assigned to repair a window air conditioner, but apparently, these were the old window air conditioners that were put into the school before they could afford to install a central air conditioner. The school would provide all of the parts for the window air conditioners, and when the air conditioners were repaired, both of us would donate them to a local homeless shelter so that the ladies there could enjoy their air conditioning. I was almost finished fixing our air conditioner. I spent what seemed like forever taking the air conditioner apart in a way that would help myself and others not to forget how to put the air conditioner back together when I figured out what wasn’t acting right. I finally figured out what was wrong with the air conditioner, and I quickly put it back together. I was about to plug in the air conditioner when a woman came up and picked up and then smashed our air conditioner to the ground, but she was jealous because she couldn’t figure out how to get the air conditioner apart. I got so miserable that I smacked the woman in the face.


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