New Heater is not All It’s Supposed to Be

I just purchased a new space heater, and I was truly gleeful to try it out. I have a working gas furnace, however my house has truly high ceilings, and our residing room never gets as comfortably warm as the rest of the house. To help with this, I have wanted to get a space gas furnace for quite some time. However, I didn’t just want to buy any space heater. I wanted a nice space gas furnace with a smart thermostat. I figured that if I bought a truly powerful space heater, I wouldn’t have to have any concerns about our new home ever getting cold. Even if our gas furnace bit the dust, I would have this space gas furnace to keep myself and others sizzling until the Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist could come to our new home to repair our gas furnace. I did some online searching, and I finally found a space gas furnace online that I thought would work well. This space gas furnace had truly good reviews, and some people said that this particular heater would be able to heat the entire first floor of our new home separate from any gas furnace. I was skeptical, however so many people claimed that these space furnaces were the utmost, and I thought that the price was good too. If this space gas furnace could heat an entire floor of our big house by itself, it would definitely be worth the extra price. I finally purchased the space heater, and this month was the first day that I tried it out. Honestly, the space gas furnace is a large disappointment. I have had the space gas furnace running for quite some time now, and our room isn’t noticeably warmer, even with the gas furnace running. I am sure it would be freezing it would get separate from the gas furnace.


a/c rep