Heater Burns Little Fingers

I am the parent of a three-year-old, and this toddler is the first child that I have ever had.

I am clueless about what I am doing, and I am truly sad that by the time that I am done with this kid, she is going to be a basketcase.

One thing that I do as a parent is to teach our youngsters to be safe, and some parents protect their youngsters and never let them get hurt, although I have a strange idea on parenting. I have come to realize that experiencing something for the first time helps them learn. I have a propane wall gas furnace in our new home that keeps the place a comfortable temperature. My gas furnace stopped working a long time ago, and since our new home is not at all large, I am able to use this for a single heating program to keep our entire new home comfortable in winter. The only complication is that our child is always wanting to touch this gas furnace. The flame itself in the heating program is covered by a glass pane and a metal gate, but even so the frame of the heating program still gets sizzling enough to cause a slight burn on your hand, and I have been trying to keep our three-year-old from putting her fingers near the gas furnace. Every time that I tell him to stay away from the gas furnace, she seems even more desirous to try to touch it. I told him that the heating program was tepid and would hurt her, but the little bugger didn’t care. One day, she grabbed it and burned her fingers. I felt terrible, but she hasn’t touched the heating program again, and the burn is healed now!

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