Portable Space Heaters Can Be Unsafe if not Used Correctly

If you live in a typical home, then you entirely have at least a single space gas furnace in your home.

Despite the fact that space furnaces cause fires and electrical problems all of the time, people still use space furnaces to keep their rooms sizzling while in the winter.

There is nothing wrong with having a space heater, however the best course of action while heating your residence is to have a working heating program that does away with the need for a space heater. However, if you feel you really need to own a space heater, there are a few things that you can do to make your space gas furnace safer. First of all, you should never use the warmest setting on your little heater. Although all space furnaces have a setting that uses 1500w, most space furnaces and outlets are not made for this many watts. Between cheaper power cords, too many plugs in the receptacles, and plastic plugs, most new home fires are caused by turning on the space gas furnace to the highest setting. However, no matter what setting your space gas furnace is running at, you should not use space furnaces while you are away from your residence or sleeping. Space furnaces can cause fires, and you should only use them while you are awake. Space furnaces are only used to bump up the heat a few degrees anyway, and you shouldn’t use them as your primary heat source. Finally, make sure that your space gas furnace is not touching drapes or rugs or piles of laundry. This may seem obvious, however the number of new home fires that are due to space furnaces makes it clear that it isn’t obvious enough.


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