Sunroom Incorporates HVAC Bliss

It feels so very good to living full time in the sunshine again.

I get a bit overwhelmed when I take into account how much I have longed for the sun.

Growing up in the South, I took all the sunshine for granted. I can remember praying for rain just to change things up a bit. But then, I went away for a number of year to areas where the sun just wasn’t out all that much. Not only did I have to deal with a cold winter, I also had to absorb the absence of sunshine much of the time. Like having to live in a house with the HVAC furnace maxed out wasn’t enough. The cloudy, gray skies were even worse than all the snow and ice. But, thankfully, all that is over now. I am, once again, back in the South. And this time, forever. I am so thrilled to also get to have a sunroom in our new house. I once laughed at people who had sunrooms. Why didn’t they just go outside? Now, I understand because I just love my sunroom. It is so great that I have decided to install a heating and cooling unit in it. I will have to have some sort of HVAC cooling if I want to utilize the sunroom through the heat season. I am thinking that we will go with the ductless HVAC unit. This way, I can make the sunroom comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside. I still can’t believe that I am actually going to have all this sunshine all the time. I know it will be so wonderful because I have missed it so.



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