Getting everyone in the community involved

My wife and I bought a house in this neighborhood almost 30 years ago.

Back then, we had a homeowners association and a lot of rules to follow.

About five years ago, they dissolved the homeowners association and everything is volunteer now. There is not as much participation, but I think the community still has a lot of nice events. Last week, we had a community garage sale and 70% of people attended the event or sold goods. Everyone on our street joined in on the fun. My wife and I walked around the neighborhood and talked to friends. I think it was a great way to get everyone involved. I picked up an older wall A/C unit from one of my neighbors. He was selling the A/C unit for $75. I offered the guy 50 bucks, and he agreed to the price. He plugged in the A/C unit to a wall outlet, so I could see that it was working. He let the A/C unit run for 10 minutes, and the air was icy cold. I put the air conditioner in the back of my car and took it home. I was really happy with the purchase. I decided to put the air conditioner in the garage. My husband and I have a pool table in the garage. We like to spend time in there at night. We shoot pool and have a glass of wine and listen to music. The warm summer months are going to be here soon, and the A/C unit is going to be a great addition.

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