My big party this summer

I am preparing to have a very big party at my home this coming summer. It is in celebration of me retiring from my job. I had been working as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist for the last 40 years going strong. And now it has come time for me to hang it up, collect my pension and just relax! But before all of that, a celebration is in order. I will be inviting all of the other certified heating and air conditioning specialists from the local heating and cooling company I have worked for all of these years. Of course, all my family and friends will also be coming. Like I said, it is going to be a pretty huge party all together! The heating and air conditioning company I worked for gave me a free smart thermostat as a parting gift. I thought this was a really great thing on their part. While other places will give you the common useless thing like a wrist watch. This heating and air conditioning company actually gave me something that will be of great use! Having a smart thermostat can save energy use and make the operating of my own central heating and air conditioning system a lot more convenient. So I am grateful for this. I have a lot of things to prepare for in the coming months. Such as how I am going to spend my time after retirement and if I may actually sometimes work as an independent HVAC contactor when I feel the need to do something in my spare time.


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