The family trip to the zoo

The other month me and the wife had taken the kids to the zoo. That’s something we get to do at least once a year. We really wish we could do it more, but with our work schedules it is just tough. But our kids really appreciate it when we can do it. This last trip to the zoo I had a very strange but logical thought in my head. I was wondering how the animals in the glass cages get their indoor comfort? With them being exposed to the outside weather they have to have some kind of heating or air conditioning in there. This came to mind because when we went to the zoo last year it was in the heat of the summer and the animals seemed not bothered by it. I ended up asking someone who worked at the zoo. And indeed the cages have central heating and air conditioning in there as I thought. The person that worked there told me that if they did not have central heating and air conditioning in the cages that the poor animals would most likely die. The same as us humans. Heating and air conditioning is something that is needed for all walks of life on this planet it seems. It’s something I never really thought about before until that recent trip to the zoo. Heating and air conditioning specialists even visit the zoo to tune the same tune ups and check ups as they do on residential heating and air conditioning systems. The whole thing really made sense to me.

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