Our holiday was almost ruined because of AC errors

My husband plus I have multiple children, so to take a more than one week holiday is quite costly, but both of us decided to take one this past summer time because it had been a few years since the two of us had a nice holiday.

Both of us had been saving up for a couple years, so the two of us did not have to worry about finances which was absolutely nice. Both of us got to the resort that the two of us were staying at, plus it was even more charming than the pictures had made it look. Both of us were taken back by the beauty that surrounded us, then it was by far the most charming locale that the two of us have ever been to; Everything was good until the hour day. Both of us observed that our room was a bit warm. I turned the a/c down to sixty-5 degrees instead of seventy. I thought that it was moderate in the room just because it was warmer outside than it had been the previous day, then unfortunately, that was not why it was so moderate in our room. It turns out, our a/c was not working. It got warmer plus warmer in our room until the two of us realized that the a/c was just blowing out air that was the same temperature as the air in our room. Both of us called the front desk, plus they had someone come up plus look at it, and they could not repair it, plus there were no rooms available for us to transfer to. Both of us were stuck without a/c for almost multiple days. Both of us did not want to leave because it was so charming. They resort ended up refunding our money for the entire stay, so the two of us paid nothing to stay there. It ended up being a nice holiday minus being a bit moderate during the evening.
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