My ductwork is going away

I was sitting in our living room the other day & I could know a draft going through the house.

I was really concerned that I had a broken window, or something wrong with our Heating & Air Conditioning system.

I observed that the air quality wasn’t nearly as nice as it once was. I also observed that the people I was with and I had a problem with the heating system running too much & I wasn’t getting enough heating. I worried that I needed a modern heating system, even though this heating system was barely several years old. Both of us had all of our Heating & Air Conditioning repair done on a respected basis, & our air filters were changed correctly. This was our way of taking care of our Heating & Air Conditioning system. I called the Heating & Air Conditioning business knowing that I had to find out the problem with the Heating & Air Conditioning system, before worrying about the draft, which I knew wasn’t a broken window. When the Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman showed up, the first thing she did was to check the ductwork. She told me that the ductwork was disintegrating & that our draft was because there wasn’t any airflow due to all of the holes in our ductwork. I wanted to ask how much it was going to cost to have the ductwork replaced, however the question didn’t really matter. I knew that I needed modern ductwork, & I was going to have it replaced regardless of what it cost. It took a couple of afternoons to have all of the ductwork replaced & I stayed with our Dad while it was being done. Both of us had a good visit, however I was glad to go beach home & find that our Heating & Air Conditioning plan was once again laboring perfectly.


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