My airflow is non-existent

I moved into our modern beach home & 6 weeks later, I had to find out what was going on with our Heating & Air Conditioning system.

They told me that the Heating & Air Conditioning plan was only a couple of years seasoned & I was start to wonder if they realtor hadn’t told me a lie.

I didn’t have enough airflow in the house, to get the heat from the heating system to the living room. I called the Heating & Air Conditioning business & asked them if they could check our heating system. When she showed up, she seemed really aggravated when she called me into the basement. She showed me an air filter that looked appreciate it had never been changed. I told him I had only just bought the home & I didn’t know that I had to change the air filters. She showed me how to change it & she also gave me a box of air filters that fit the heating system & a box of air filters for the air conditioning. She said she was pretty sure I was going to find the same thing happening when it came time to run the air conditioning. The Heating & Air Conditioning tech said the air filter hadn’t been changed in quite a while & she was surprised the heating system was still laboring. While she was there, she provided me a repair & repair agreement. I was able to have our respected repair done & they would also do small repairs that were needed, at the time of repair. She told me that she had a single plan that provided to not just supply me with the air filters, however they would change the air filters for me. I was really glad that I had contacted the Heating & Air Conditioning business I called.


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