Adore being with the family

Ever since I moved back condo I have been as happy as I have ever been before, however for the past four years I had been residing halfway across the country because of university and our internship, but now that I have graduated I was finally able to transport back home, one of the things that I love the most about being back in the venue where I grew up is that I am surrounded by so several family members, however every cousin, aunt, and uncle that I suppose lives within a thirty mile radius of myself and others and I love it! By being around our family I am able to go to them whenever I have any complications in our life and I am never lonely or bored when they are around… Just a few afternoons ago, while I was moving into our new condo our cousin Jared came over to help, she owns her own Heating & Air Conditioning company in town, and when she noticed the dilapidated Heating & Air Conditioning system inside she said that she would take care of that concern for me.

I tried to pay him before she got the tools from her truck and started working on the unit, but she refused, but back when I was residing in the big neighborhood while in university nobody was willing to do anything to help out others unless it would benefit them as well. Even though I am blissful that I forced myself to adjust to a new lifestyle far away from our family for four years, It feels so fantastic to be back with people who I love and I can trust.



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