Rule Enforcement

Having a lake beach house inside a gated community definitely has its good points.

It’s quite nice to have the good luck to be able to supply for my family in this manner.

Plus, the added security makes life a little easier to live. The golf club and all the amenities also offers a real measure of excellence. I have been even known to saunter down to 1 of the ponds to fish a little bit with my boy. I love coming lake beach house to a perfectly Heating in addition to Air Conditioning controlled beach house as well. There are multiple facets of our community that I really, really enjoy. But, putting up with an deranged HOA is not 1 of them. The simply go straight mental over the most trivial of matters. I understand that both of us all want to maintain property values. Every one of us all want a nice looking city but, this HOA just doesn’t get it at all. I have acquired multiple threatening letters with regard to the shade of yellow on my Heating in addition to Air Conditioning cabinet outside my home. It has faded from the sun and the HOA wants me to replace it or they will good me. The Heating in addition to Air Conditioning unit is in good shape so, I won’t be replacing a dang thing. I even offered to spray paint it myself. This offer was instantly dismissed. So, they have started fining me on a daily basis until I comply. The latest letter has even threatened litigation. Well, that was 1 step over the line for me. I will not be bullied. So, I turned this over to my lawyer. He lives for this and he plans a civil countersuit. How stupid is this……over the shade of yellow on my Heating in addition to Air Conditioning unit?

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