A family camping trip

For a good number of people, a camping trip is the ultimate getaway… It is a fantastic way to chop the monotony of everyday life… Seeing the fantastic outdoors is something to see with your own eyes, and can create long lasting memories, and when you think of camping, you truly think of roasting marshmallows around a fire, telling spooky stories, resting in a tent, and hiking through the woods; But before you hurry off to pack your things, there is some preparation to be done.

Remember the woods doesn’t have all the correct comforts of home; Therefore respected luxuries that we are used to will need to be packed and prepared; One such thing is cooling system, the people I was with and I are so used to always having the cooling system in our homes to calm our heating woes that the people I was with and I don’t care about it much and may forget that out in the forest the people I was with and I don’t have these luxuries.

The same applies to resting in our apartment all cozy and warm, thanks to the heat from the gas furnace. If you plan to go camping it is advised you plan what season to take your trip in, check your local weather forecast, and plan the right way. When it comes to camping you’re going to want to bring some protection; Depending upon where you live, you may encounter some attractive, however potentially scary wildlife, such as bears, wolves, and mountain lions. Ideal protection from wildlife would be a single or more of the following, bear repellent, a gun, and a fantastic and very durable tent. Speaking of tents, you should think how to officially pitch a tent before setting out into the woods. For sleeping purposes, I recommend a sleeping bin or air mattress, but all in all fantastic planning is key to a safe however fun and fantastic camping trip.

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