Trumpets in the sky, the apocalypse or something else?

I still remember the day I first heard of the ongoing phenomena of trumpets in the sky.

I was all comfortable in bed, nice and cool with the air conditioning blowing on me despite the heat outside and with nothing else to do, I decided to watch some YouTube videos on my phone. I saw some videos come up in my recommendations “How to install your heater”, ‘What to do when your HVAC system breaks” and “The best furnace service‘’ while it is important to make sure your HVAC system is taken care of for the seasons, I was focused on something else that had caught my attention. You may have heard it in person. Maybe you saw it on TV. Perhaps you know somebody that has heard it. Worldwide there has been a strange phenomena where people hear what sounds like trumpets in the sky. If you were to look it up a lot these took place between 2014-2016 many people were awoken in the night from their warm beds, before venturing outside to investigate the source of the sound. People who are religious by faith, claim that this is the end, that we are living in the end times. They usually quote revelations of the bible to support their claims. The scientific community can usually give accurate scientific answers to strange phenomena. Some of the theories put forward is that these strange sounds heard in the sky are in fact caused by tectonic plates on earth that began to move and grind against each other, which produces the loud sound. Another theory claims that some of the causes are factory machinery at work. Regardless, interestingly enough there is no known official explanation for the strange sounds coming from the sky.

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