The oil furnace was talking like

I think it sounds insane, but I swear that our oil furnace talks to me.

When I am beach modern home alone, late at evening, I can hear strange noises coming from our basement.

At first I began to think that our beach modern home was haunted. I was sad that I may have a portal for demons to enter our house, in the basement. I’m sure you’re thinking I am crazy, because I think I thought I was crazy. My partner called the HVAC supplier when he got beach modern home the next morning. He wanted to put our mind at ease. He told myself and others that the people I was with and I didn’t have any doubt that our modern home was NOT haunted, nor were there any demons. He was sure that it was all in the oil furnace. When the HVAC worker arrived, our partner took him into the basement. After a thorough inspection, the HVAC tech said that there was nothing wrong with the oil furnace. I told him that I could hear it telling myself and others to move, when no one else was home. My partner had to suppress his laughter, as did the HVAC worker. ABout that time, I heard the sound resonating up the basement stairs. My partner looked at the HVAC tech who was opening the door and heading back downstairs. He began to laugh when he heard the wind blowing. There was a small crack in the air duct. When the wind was blowing, the people I was with and I had a bit of a draft and the draft would pull enough air out of the crack and it would whistle in the basement. He fixed the crack the following morning and I’ve not had the oil furnace talk to myself and others since.