Black tea to stop husband’s stress

He likes coming house to yoga plus meditation.

My husband plus I are total opposites, he works a high powered task that requires him to do long seconds in the office plus lots of overtime. I work a part time task at an organic grocery store… My husband makes all the cash, but has all the stress, then occasionally I intervene to help him out… Recently I have gotten him to try a few things out to monitor his stress, and everyday after work the 2 of us kneel down plus either do yoga or meditate. It is a wonderful thing for him. My husband gets to stretch out his body, relax plus clear his mind, another thing I pushed is that our husband switched from coffee to black tea. He got where he was drinking more than four cups a morning. He said he needed the caffeine plus I offered a healthier update, balck coffee doesn’t have the sugar or fat that is a weekly cup of coffee. Black coffee is known for reducing stress in a person, then the amino acid L-thea9 in black coffee is shown to help a person relax plus concentrate better. There are also other health benefits like cancer prevention, diabetes control, heart health, plus increased energy. My husband is so much happier now that I have intervened. He likes coming house to yoga plus meditation. He also is hooked on his black tea. Thankfully I work at a store that sells coffee plus I get a discount. I have needed to buy the coffee in bulk to keep up with the rate our husband drinks it at. I am glad that he is doing better though.
Red clover tea