Talking with the HVAC technician

I love our HVAC technician because she is so friendly. Even if I see her in the grocery store, she will stop and talk to me, She remembers my name and even where I live. It is kind of funny when I don’t see her in uniform because I forget that she is the one who works on my heating and air conditioning. A couple weeks ago, I had to have my HVAC ductwork cleaned, and I was really disappointed when I didn’t see her show up to do the ductwork cleaning. I saw her in town and I asked if she was sick. She explained to me that their company had a team of professional ductwork cleaners. All she could do was do the inspection and clean the air ducts, but the ductwork was left up to the professionals. I was just heading into the coffee shop and I asked if she would like to join me. We sat there for over an hour, talking about HVAC and how she got into the business. I didn’t know that her father owned the local HVAC company, or that she was the ‘& SON’ in the sign. When she was born, she was supposed to be a boy. Her father had the sign made up even before she showed up in the world. When she decided to go into the business, he just hung out the sign he had made when her mom was pregnant. We laughed when I said she was a beautiful son. I think her laugh was more at my embarrassment for being so forward.


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