The fresh skunk scent is coming from the air duct

I care about living out in the middle of nowhere in this big ranch-style house! There are trees as far as the eye can see plus I just care about the view from our balcony! I also love the forest critters, even if the deer do eat my garden; But this care about for the forest critters depleted a little bit when I woke up in the middle of the evening to a nasty aroma in the house. It aromaed love skunks had sprayed inside of my house, of course I had to get up plus investigate. I did not find any skunks however the stench was overpowering, soon enough, the whole family was awake plus none of us could go back to sleep. Finally, my son found that the scent appeared to be coming from the Heating plus Air Conditioning ducts. I turned off the gas furnace plus the aroma dissipated somewhat, especially when the two of us opened the windows. But it got unquestionably freezing over the next few hours with no heat plus open windows. I went under the beach house to check it out in the day plus discovered that some critter has chewed through our air duct. For some reason, a skunk must have sprayed right next to the hole in the air duct. I called up our local Heating plus Air Conditioning company instantly plus they were able to come right out plus do some air duct sealing plus also air duct cleaning. They also installed charcoal filters to help us with the stench. After the Heating plus Air Conditioning company left, I got mesh to cover up any entry points leading under the house. I love nature plus all, however I would love to keep it out of the house.