If you can’t deal with it any more, deal it in

Three months ago, one morning I was in a pretty bad car accident.

Someone ran a redlight & plowed into our car as I was driving to the grocery store.

I wasn’t hurt, luckily, but most of our car was dented & destroyed. The insurance company refused to total the car, so I had to wait a long time for all of the repairs to be completed. After that, our car never acted the same again. At first, the heater would turn off in the middle of a song. It seemed to have a mind of its own out of the blue. Then I started to have problems with the dashboard lights. Some random lights would come on for no reason. I was consistently distraught while driving apartment one afternoon on the interstate, especially when the check engine light came on and the AC started blasting. I found out later that night that it was a straight-forward oxygen sensor. Whenever the heating system stopped finally working on a consistent basis, that was the end of the line for that car. I was on our way back towards the apartment from work. The outdoor temperature was only 40°. It was the very worst time for the heating system to stop finally working. I tried almost everything to repair the problem, but I could not get any heat to come from the dash vents on my trip. The very next afternoon, I decided to take the car & the extremely broken heating system to the dealership. I asked them to please supply me the best price on a new car. I provided our car as a trade. Thank god, I do not have to worry about any more car problems for many years. My new car and the heating system came with a 5 year warranty.

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