Time for new a/c

I was listening to the beatbox the other morning when a commercial for a local heating and A/C supplier came on. They were talking about some really nice deals they had going on with central heating and cooling systems. They were also talking about how the heating and A/C technology has changed and improved so much over the last ten years. They also mentioned that by not having the latest in heating and cooling equipment that your home will not have the best air quality. This in turn could cause you to eventually have to invest in something really pricey such as a whole home air purifier to repair the issue with the air quality. When a central heating and a/c system gets too old, it starts giving out awful air quality, no matter how often you have the air ducts cleaned or even have regularly scheduled HVAC tune ups. After hearing all of this in a short ninety second commercial, it really got me thinking! I have to admit that they sure know how to target their shoppers and really get a sale, because they had me sold! I ended up calling the HVAC supplier to inquire about the deals on the lastest central heating and cooling units they had available. I have a central HVAC replacement scheduled in three weeks! They really had superb deals and now I will have a brand new central heating and a/c unit coming soon!

New heating