Getting HVAC out of the deal

I am looking to buy a new home, however with what I am looking for there is a slight catch to it all. I am looking for a home that comes with a central HVAC unit already in it that is pretty up-to-date and new, an HVAC unit that will not need a lot of work done on it right away, something that has been cred for pretty well by the previous owners. Many people who sell their homes end up taking their HVAC unit with them, and this makes it quite a task to find the set up I am looking for. Fortunately, there are some people who leave the central heating and air conditioning unit behind and make it part of the purchase price of the place they are selling. This is what I am looking for. The reason for this is because shopping for a brand new, up-to-date central HVAC unit is a major headache first off. Second off, if you can find a place to buy that already has a central HVAC unit that works really well, you will be saving a ton of money! It will be coming with the house and will only up the price of the market value about four hundred dollars, while buying a new central heating and air conditioning unit from an HVAC dealership will run you thousands of dollars. So, you do the math and you will see my reasoning!



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